Risk management

Automating Workplace Risk Assessment – the future of developing safety in industrial plants

The topic of safety of employees who perform their tasks and workplaces every day is a mine for discovering new solutions. Those responsible for the area of safety are certainly constantly striving to ensure that work can be carried out without fear of injury.

InnerWeb® risk communication for the workplace

The use of warnings, prohibitions, orders and instructions of any kind is the result of numerous analyses.

InnerWeb® – List of hazards and necessary personal protective equipment

Non-routine work, which in most cases is carried out by external companies, sometimes by the company’s own maintenance department, poses a problem. This is mostly repair work, servicing work, modernization work, etc. Issuing permission to perform such work involves filling out paper forms. For routine work, which is carried out continuously, permission is prepared, so to say once. Then employees undergo job training, which does not change for years.

For work that is incidental, a special approach is required.
Starting with obtaining the appropriate work permit and conducting a Workplace Risk Assessment. This process in many cases is very complex and time consuming. Most often, you will encounter paper forms that must be completed individually for each new job you start. To complete these documents often requires a great deal of knowledge and awareness of the hazards that exist in a given area. Then both parties meet, the principal and the contractor, and discuss the conditions of implementation of the task. After accepting the conditions, they sign the form and can return to their duties.

Modern technology can be used to streamline and speed up this process. There are companies that focus on solving problems related to safety management and industrial work permits. They can free you from the ever-growing bureaucracy that is supposed to keep us safe.

InnerWeb® Complete System

By choosing these solutions, you can automate processes and thus significantly reduce costs and increase productivity. InnerWeb® systems take the work out of your hands. All you need to do is configure the system and it will fill in the data and make the appropriate calculations, which you then have to verify and validate.

InnerWeb® Biometric Signature
Thanks to the InnerWeb® biometric signatures, the workplace risk assessment is practically ready.

Of course, there are jobs where the conditions change. This happens as a result of new jobs being started in the vicinity of those previously opened. Certainly an example is an external company generating noise while working with an angle grinder or a jackhammer, which was not taken into account in the Risk Assessment of the works that are carried out nearby. By automating this process, the system can inform workers at all locations of the new risk created. Consequently, when their safety category at work exceeds acceptable standards – the work can be automatically stopped. As a result, new protective equipment such as earmuffs or stopwatches will be required to resume work.

InnerWeb® risk category update

To sum up, modern solutions allow, above all, for efficient and complete control over safety while performing work. Paper forms, on the other hand, take much longer to modify than the digitised versions available on a smartphone screen.