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Due to the presence of a large number of hazardous materials and substances, chemical plants are classified as enterprises with a high risk of a major industrial accident. Thus, process safety is a key element for this industry. Lack of effective safeguards can generate unnecessary risks and lead to hazardous situations. Properly adapted fire and explosion prevention systems as well as a risk management system or geolocation are important safeguards and effectively streamline daily operations, minimizing the occurrence of risky events.

The chemical safety assessment consists of, among other things.

  • information gathering and evaluation,

  • hazard identification,

  • classification and labeling,

  • determination of threshold levels.

Safety in the chemical industry can’t just be based on adherence to proper rules, procedures and regulations. Ensure full control of your plant and have all data and information at your fingertips from anywhere on Earth. The InnerWeb system allows, among other things, the introduction of mobile work permits, verification of existing risks or constant control of resources, which extends and establishes a new level of work safety in a chemical plant.

Manage your entire plant wherever you are with a single mobile application.

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