We invite you to view a video presentation that provides information about the InnerWeb system. After watching this material, you will learn how the process of adding your permissions in the mobile application to the InnerWeb system looks like.

Our Video – Presentation was produced using:

  • our iBeacon devices ( small wireless devices) whose technology allows them to transmit a 2.4 GHz radio signal to smartphones, tablets and active cards within range. Figuratively, they can be compared to a lighthouse sending out an intense signal at regular intervals. The iBeacons operate using BLE (Bluetooth low energy) technology, which is important for two reasons, firstly they transmit radio waves that easily overcome obstacles such as walls. Secondly, BLE is very economical, allowing for extended battery life, unlike classic Bluetooth. The list of devices that support beacon devices is constantly expanding.
  • Hammer Iron3 LTE phones, which were configured by our company in such a way that, thanks to our application, they create a work tool in themselves.

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