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Do you waste a lot of time counting hours worked by employees? You are missing data or you cannot verify it?

Time recording no longer has to be a tedious task with a monotonous search for detailed information. RCP in the traditional form of a paper document is a thing of the past. Currently, it is worth choosing an electronic system for settling the time worked.

The selection of RCP programs available is extensive. What is worth paying attention to? Which will be the best?

The electronic RCP system is primarily a reliable source of data that cannot be falsified and nothing will disappear from there. It is a warehouse of factual and factual information that cannot be manipulated by anyone, which is a definite advantage of these programs, however, simple systems count the total time spent at the workplace, which is not always the basis for recording hours worked. They indicate only the time of entry to the plant and the time of exit. Then we have no information about what is happening during the work.

And what if one person applies to the reader not only their card, but also for the absent person? In such a situation, navigation becomes helpful, which will allow you to monitor the presence of employees in various areas.

How does InnerWeb work?

The InnerWeb system is based on geolocation – it is precise, there is no room for error here.

We create a virtual map of the object. We deploy a network of radio beacons on the premises of the workplace, and we distribute special cards or telephones to employees. Thanks to this, we can constantly monitor what is happening in the building, whether a given employee is present, and if so, where he is. The system precisely analyzes traffic and provides detailed information.

If one employee took more cards, we would see on the virtual map that the points overlap and are constantly in the same location.

Why choose InnerWeb software?

Traffic analytics allows you to collect accurate data on the employee’s movement around the facility, including absences, lateness, dismissals, leaving during work, staying still, etc. Collected information can be automatically sent to units responsible for recording working time. What’s more, everything is at your fingertips in the application on your phone, so you can check what is happening in the company from anywhere in the world.

Employee traffic analytics provides data such as:

The total time spent by an employee on site

The course of movement step by step from entering the plant to leaving it

Total attendance time by location

Case study

Are you wondering how you could use this solution at your place to register working time? The easiest way to check a specific example from the implementation of the system

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