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In industrial plants related to plastics processing one of the many problems associated with the production process is the search for injection molds, thermoregulators or flow meters used in the manufacture of various products.

Flexibility in production and quick response to customer needs have become a requirement of today’s times, therefore the number of changeovers and the multitude of devices and equipment used in production processes is staggering. Daily work of many teams is based on efficient management of location of tools, materials and all kinds of peripheral equipment in the industrial plant. How to control it all and ensure proper flow for many processes?

We invite you to get acquainted with the offer of InnerWeb, a system that fully automates processes connected with locating devices and equipment on industrial premises.

Moreover, we are able to connect with the client’s existing machine cycle monitoring systems in order to inform the appropriate team of employees about the need to intervene on a machine when a machine stoppage alarm occurs.

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