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Power generation combines in most cases are strategic points and are among the most important industries in global economies. Any entity wishing to operate in the market is subject to state laws that regulate aspects of the operation of such companies.

Companies working with such a company must fully adapt to the rules dictated by the industry which can be a big organizational problem for both parties. Large industrial complexes are serviced on a daily basis by several or even several dozen external companies, which is connected to issuing hundreds of work permits.

The InnerWeb system, according to the Regulation of the Minister of Energy of 28 August 2019 on health and safety at work on energy equipment, enters the list of companies that can successfully cooperate and help introduce progress in many aspects of the production space in energy generation companies.

Thanks to InnerWeb and installed bluetooth radios, we are able to remotely supervise the work of various teams of employees, warn about the dangers that employees are exposed to while performing a given job, support through the function of locating various types of equipment and peripheral devices and many other useful functions.

We invite you to familiarise yourself with InnerWeb’s offer, thanks to which you will introduce progress and raise the level of safety in your plant to a much higher level.

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