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The biggest problems with the production management process are related to the lack of knowledge about the actual status of orders on the production floor.

Thanks to the InnerWeb solution, you have access to all the materials you need from your mobile device. Need to check a description of production technology? Or use a detailed description of the work? Everything is at your fingertips. In order to efficiently manage production, it is worthwhile to have with you an accurate description of resources – machines, tools or people involved in a given job. This knowledge can prove crucial in the later stages of planning, execution and reporting.

Allow yourself to automatically determine the location and monitor the flow of tools, vehicles or people. Involving employees in time-consuming searches for these items wastes time that could be used more productively. InnerWeb allows for the immediate location of goods or an employee, so employees can focus on designated tasks that require their presence.

Monitoring the location of people on the company’s premises allows for a faster response if an employee enters a danger zone or leaves his or her workplace. When we combine this function with vehicle and machine tracking we can avoid dangerous accidents. The InnerWeb system helps monitor whether vehicles are following the designated route and maintaining all necessary safety rules. Allow you to constantly monitor and gain information about problems in your production or logistics processes. Ongoing monitoring is a key solution to help you optimize costs and increase the quality of your services.