Banners with InnerMan

After intense brainstorming by the whole team, we created slogans that reflect what InnerWeb is and what our goal is. We put it on paper and that’s how we created banners with our superhero InnerMan.

We are fighting bureaucracy in the industry. We are moving documents to the app, which means no more wasting time on tedious paperwork. We want to speed up and streamline daily work in companies. Nowadays, certain activities can be done for us by machines, systems and algorithms. Why not take advantage of that?

Automating processes and abandoning unnecessary bureaucracy in companies is what we strive for, these are our main goals and objectives. 

Thanks to the banners you will be able to recognize us in Warsaw, where we will soon start installing beacons. We will be seen at subway stations as well as in offices.

We have a lot of imagination in us, so these are certainly not the last results of ideas with InnerMan that you see 😉