Identification of persons during an evacuation

Will employee identification only work during an evacuation?

Evacuation from the workplace is an emergency situation resulting from a threat to employees’ health and life. A large role in ensuring the appropriate level of security plays the profile of the company. In some companies the risks are negligible, while in others they are very likely. However, each employer must prepare scenarios for such events. This is a very responsible task, because the safety and lives of people will depend on it. It is necessary to designate exits and evacuation routes, places of assembly, coordinators supervising the entire process and conducting evacuation exercises.

During such exercises, the most common question is whether everyone is safe? This question is difficult for many people. So how can we change it and improve employee identification during an evacuation?

RFID technology, iBeacon and modern software within Industry 4.0 help to solve this problem. RFID solutions only give access to information about which region someone was in and it is a passive technology. An iBeacon-based system is an active technology that enables much broader use in addition to accurately representing the location of people.

Efficient employee identification is not only applicable during evacuations. In laboratories, employees are deployed in mazes of rooms and exposed to danger. In the case of fainting accidents, identification and monitoring of the movement of the employee can help. A person remaining motionless for a long time can be notified to perform a specific action. If there is still no activity, the notification will reach the supervisor who will verify the received notification. There are many more such examples.

Worker identification can also be used to alert workers to the dangers of entering an area. Informing about an approaching forklift truck. It will help to collect information concerning the number of, for example, guests or employees of external companies.

As regards task completion, we can precisely determine the number of people and the time spent on a given project. The system also determines the way the employees move, typifies the places where there is a very high traffic.

In order to improve employee identification, we can arm ourselves with a work tool that will help us in many aspects of our business.