InnerWeb marketing team trip to Warsaw

A team from the marketing department went to Warsaw to collect materials from the implementation of the project: Micro Navigation System in Warsaw

This week members of the marketing team drove to the capital. All this to see how the work progresses in the implementation of the project: A Micro-Navigation system for the city of Warsaw with facilities for the blind. The goal was to collect videos footage and photos. Taking a look at the work allowed us to get a better idea and understanding of the idea and operation of the application under development. We are already planning another such trip.

How can you recognize us? Of course, thanks to our banners with the image of the InnerMan. The slogans located on them reflect the idea and missions of InnerWeb.

The micro-navigation system with facilities for the blind will be put into operation later this year. Who will be able to use it? Everyone, but importantly, the application is tailored to the needs of the blind and visually impaired. It is primarily with them in mind that the whole initiative of the system was created. We want to enable them to move freely and independently around Warsaw, for making everyday life simpler.

We are currently in the process of preparing a comprehensive presentation to present the concept of the project and the functioning of the application.