Participation in the event “Raising awareness of occupational safety and health among employees”

Raising awareness of health and safety among employees - workshops

This week we had the pleasure of participating in a workshop organized by Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing, whose topic was “Raising awareness of health and safety among employees.” Our team gave a presentation and talked about InnerWeb system functionalities such as:

  • Mobile work permits along with the Risk Score method
  • Notification system (accidents, dangerous places, new ideas, etc.)
  • Detection of immobility of lone workers
  • Health and safety training process
  • LiDAR in InnerWeb and our vision of the future using VR goggles.

In addition, we organized active workshops, showing how exactly the functions in the application work. Among other things, participants were able to see how the detection of immobility of lone workers is working and besides our latest LiDAR-based project, which enhanced with additional capabilities.