Permits for Works on Industrial Plants

Work permits are a certain process or rather procedure that is very common on industrial sites in the Automotive industry. I suppose this procedure is known in other industries as well. If you have your thoughts that you would like to share then feel free to contact me through the editor. I am very interested in this topic and would be curious to hear about similarities and differences in other industries.

Number of permits prepared for 1-day work for 100 interventions (pcs.)

The chart above shows what type of work and particularly hazardous work requires the organization of an appropriate permit. Such a permit allows activities to be carried out at a given location on a production hall. It can also be seen how many permits are needed in total for 100 random works related to failures, ordered works or planned repairs. The work permit is mandatory. Other permits are prepared according to the situation.

Number of prepared permits in case of 6-day work for 100 investments (pcs.)

The situation changes when dealing with larger orders requiring several days of work.

PWith works located in one place it is enough to have one permit for the whole period of installation. Currently, permits for particularly hazardous work, which are renewed every day, are beginning to dominate.

The concept of permits makes it easy to perform two very important functions:

  • Przenieść odpowi
  • To transfer the responsibility for safety and the execution of the installation to an external company
  • To pass on information about the work in progress to coordinators and managers

Thanks to this no one from outside without permission will stop the production line (generating losses) to start repairing works – as it was in times when such permits were not required yet.

Average time to organize one permit (h)

As you can see on the chart above, the noble idea of permits that are supposed to raise safety standards and provide valuable information has become a cause generating additional tasks that engineers at industrial plants are burdened with.

Total amount of attention spent by all on one permit (h)

Managers who are not directly involved in the permitting process itself may not see how this procedure looks on a daily basis. Engineers attend their daily meetings where external companies have to wait to receive the required permit. You have to walk a total of several hundred yards to collect all signatures and perform site verification. During this organization we sacrifice not only our time but also those who are necessary to open the permit, close it and those waiting for it.

Suma poświęconej uwagi pracowników na realizację 100 interwencji 1-dniowych (h)

The most time-consuming permit that requires special attention both during the issuing and the whole process of supervision after the work is done is the fire permit.

Total staff attention for 100 6-days intervention (h)

Adding together the cost of materials, printing, photocopying, on-site logistics, the process of disposing of the same permits, and the labor intensity shown at the average rates that outside companies charge for their services and what we pay our employees, one can quickly conclude that access to InnerWeb® e-work permits is a savings worth implementing.