Start of space calibration training with iBeacon beacons

The second half of January marked the beginning of a new phase for InnerWeb – a team of several people set off for a series of training sessions at the Rosa Czacka School and Educational Center for Blind Children in Laski near Warsaw. 

The purpose of the training is to master the calibration of the space with the iBeacon radio beacon, as a project with facilities for the blind to support them in their independence in the city of Warsaw will start in February. 

The solution will make it possible to get to the right place and get things done on their own. We are striving to make it possible for the blind to move around freely and run their daily errands.

The center, where the training is conducted, is a very inspiring place, full of many facilities and interesting activities for blind people. The Music Center, hippotherapy, i.e. rehabilitation with horses, or dog therapy as well as spatial orientation classes are just a few examples among the many forms of support and creative activities possible here. Being here makes us – the InnerWeb team – realize how much a system is needed to improve the movement of blind people in public places.