Virtual 3D Scan of a Plant

InnerWeb with Lidar Entering the Establishment

InnerWeb® with Lidar is a solution we thought made sense.

Our articles present a vision of the industry of the future in quite a detailed and illustrative way. We don’t stop there one step at a time. We know that new needs and their solutions arise every day. That’s why at InnerWeb® we find solutions to the needs of today’s worker. In the age of the galloping Internet of Things, we identify solutions that are worth having in your toolbox right now. The mobile phone application we developed is the beginning of InnerWeb®, and today’s LIDAR technology is another addition to it. With our solution, we can start managing an industrial plant from our phone and see it as we remember it.

InnerWeb® with Lidar – a walk through a virtual plant

Today, Lidar technology is mainly associated with scans carried out from aircraft, drone or even satellite. Nevertheless, it brings many benefits. It is used by scientists, researchers, archaeologists and many other social groups. It reveals many hidden secrets to us. After scanning an area, a three-dimensional point cloud is created which gives an amazing effect. Compared to satellite or aerial photos, it is much more satisfying. Thanks to advanced optics and laser technology Lidar has become a very accurate measurement tool.

InnerWeb® with Lidar has created the possibility of a virtual walk through an industrial plant. All this is possible by scanning the selected area and receiving a point cloud. We are currently using the latest iPad PRO for this process.

InnerWeb® – area scanning with the newest iPad PRO using Lidar technology

Scanning with this device is very fast and efficient. The received data is processed by us accordingly and the final result is impressive. Virtual walk-through is one of the basic functions of this solution.

It can be also used to:

  • Placing moving elements on the map, e.g. personnel or forklifts
  • Showing the exact location of an element
  • Measuring distances and heights between certain points or elements with the accuracy of up to 1 cm
  • Place spaghetti diagrams on a map

InnerWeb® – measurement of height between specified points using Lidar technology

LIDAR Technology, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Electronic Permits for Work and Especially Dangerous Activities, Permanent Work Site Monitoring, Permanent Pre-Fire Protection, and a constant fight against increasing bureaucracy – this is InnerWeb®.