Immobility of lone workers

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Safety is an important part of any workplace. Fulfilling it is difficult if workers move around the plant alone and we have no information about where they are at any given time or whether they are in danger.

What if an employee falls over and hits his head, loses consciousness, falls or just feels bad? How soon will anyone know about it and react?

The InnerWeb system with its immobility detection function watches over the safety of lone workers. All functionality is based on a mobile device that the worker always has with him. An important advantage is the adaptation of the devices to current needs, e.g. for external contractors, job changes or threats. Adjustment of sensitivity and triggering time allows the device to adapt to the nature of the work which minimizes the risk of false alarms.

When the device detects the immobility of a lone worker, it remotely transmits the information to the system and to designated persons such as the health and safety department or security. We can then check where exactly the employee is and see if he sometimes needs our help.