Management of failure reports

InnerWeb’s innovative system will help monitor, manage and audit failures

Managing the request process has never been so easy. Thanks to the automation of information flow and easy access to the system thanks to the mobile application, you can reduce the time needed to manage outages by up to 70%.

More time for work and less time for bureaucracy!

The InnerWeb system is designed for Maintenance Managers in manufacturing plants who want greater control over the process of reporting and managing failures, as well as the full analytical data needed to report and streamline the repair process.

The InnerWeb system allows you to:

The InnerWeb system allows you to:

Improve employee communication

Prepare reports based on hard data

Inspect service work and service technicians

Reduce the time it takes to fix a defect

Case study

Wondering how to improve emergency reporting at your facility? The best way is to see how it works for others. See the case study of the system implementation at our client.

Reporting infrastructure failures

End work stoppages related to poor infrastructure conditions