Micro-navigation in public facilities

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Have you ever gotten lost in a train station or shopping center? The rules for navigating such facilities are not always clear, and the most common plans, signs and signposts today are often incomprehensible and difficult to find. This problem grows with the size of the facility. That’s why we created the InnerWeb system, which, by using interactive maps and a smartphone, allows you to verify your position and determine the way to your destination. Integration of the system with beacons allows you to use the locator despite the lack of connection to a GPS signal or the Internet (e.g. subway stations)

Functions of solutions based on in-building navigation include:

The in-building localization tools and software we provide significantly improve business agility and customer satisfaction. We support customers at every stage of the project from solution concept development, solution modeling, pre-implementation analysis, physical sensor installation and software delivery to post-implementation service and support.