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Full control over work permits and work risk assessments

Performing business-critical maintenance on a plant, especially during day-to-day operations, involves complex procedures and can potentially jeopardize the continuity of production. Proper preparation of the permitting process minimizes risk and ensures safe execution of work, while increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Integration with real-time plant information and CMMS systems leads to additional efficiencies and improves critical decision making.

Reduce the risk of accidents and incidents, prevent unplanned downtime and reduce start-up time. Reducing the amount of time that is needed to obtain a permit allows you to increase the working time of employees, which again translates into a significant reduction in costs and an increase in revenues and profitability at the same time.

Mobile work permits allow you to verify compliance with the correct processes and procedures related to permits. With InnerWeb, all work items are reviewed and evaluated for maximum safety and efficiency.