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How much time in your business is spent filling out paper permits?

Enter Mobile Permits and reduce your organization time by up to 92%!

Does your organization need efficient management of external companies?

Control permissions, turnaround times and locations visited in real time!

Do you manage a high-risk or high-reward facility?

Introduce Pre-Fire Protection and keep your company's workplaces safe!

Looking for solutions to detect employee immobility and efficient evacuation?

Use Active Cards to monitor employee and visitor traffic throughout your facility!

Who is the InnerWeb application aimed at and why should you trust us?

Initially, InnerWeb® was aimed at large manufacturing plants and industrial complexes with several hundred to several thousand employees. In such companies, the benefits are easily measurable. Today, it is also attractive for medium-sized companies which are already investing in new technologies and productivity tools in order to achieve rapid growth.

The installation of InnerWeb® is quick and safe, with installation work carried out without interrupting the production process.
In just a few weeks, we can turn an industrial plant into Factory 4.0.

We created an innovation on a global scale - an ICT system using geolocation inside the plant

We introduce progress in work organization and process management in factories, industrial plants, production lines and many other places. Obtaining the effect of increased productivity while increasing the safety level of employees and the entire plant is the most valuable result of the InnerWeb Team’s work. With Bluetooth beacons, each machine/location on the shop floor has its own work history and allows you to track employees performing work at that location.

See what you get with InnerWeb®

Mobile work permits

Executing projects, installations, and tasks with biometric signature, risk analysis, and timekeeping gives real-time visibility into the work being done throughout the facility.

Virtual 3D Scan of a Plant

A virtual representation of the entire plant in the form of a point cloud on which the traffic data from InnerWeb® is plotted. This gives you great prestige and the ability to visually represent your data.

Pre-fire protection

Pre-fire alarm system when all custodial employees move away from the fire work area.

Employee entitlement management

InnerWeb® is able to alert you when a specific employee's authorization is about to expire.

Risk Management

Informing Virtual 3D Scan plant employees of current hazards in accordance with PPE orders. Taking into account the changing risks while working in different positions.

Traffic Analytics

Observation of the movement of workers and objects. It also allows you to analyze the process of machine changeover and the work in progress.

Identification of persons during an evacuation

Communicate the number and location of employees on the premises in the event of an evacuation. Data can be directly transmitted to fire departments.

Geolocation system

Access information about where selected users, tools, equipment and materials are located on an industrial site. All easily accessible from within the InnerWeb app.

Guarantee the full process of launching the InnerWeb application in your organization - analysis, personalization, implementation, service

  • Full process of application deployment to the plant and application installation
  • Training and support for all employees
  • Maintain the application and provide security and performance and functionality updates

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ochrona przeciwpożarowa ewakuacja ogień

PRE-fire protection vs. fire protection

Fire protection is a response to a threat that has already occurred. Fire is difficult to control, even more so in the presence of flammable substances. It is worth betting on more effective methods and ensuring safety and fire prevention

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